Name: Zaefier
Class: Paladin
Specialty: Defensive & Shield Techniques
Interests: Righting every wrong in the world
Reason for joining the Nami Warriors: To be able to do greater things and right more wrongs than possible with only one man.
Introduced: Comic #4

Zaefier is a paladin who takes his job much too seriously. He believes in doing what’s right at all times and will go out of his way should a circumstance call for the presence of a noble figure. Zaefier also tries to bond the team with his righteous behaviour and friendship.

Zaefier is criticized as being much too good…for his own good. He’ll make every effort possible to do what’s right and just. While the team isn’t always out for others, he understands that the team must come first and is devoted to his immediate superior, Tala.

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