Name: Feskus
Class: Assassin
Specialty: Infiltration and Scouting
Interests: Unknown… He doesn’t talk about himself much.
Reason for joining the Nami Warriors: Loneliness (Nobody befriends an assassin)
Introduced: Comic #1

Little is known about Feskus partly to due the fact that very few understand what he’s saying but also because he rarely speaks to those that do. This mysterious member is honest and sincere; very rare qualities in someone of his class. Other than Feskus’ social dilemmas, he performs his role as assassin and scout aptly.

Like most assassins, Feskus rarely spoke before he joined the Nami Warriors. This may be the reason for his limited social skills. Since joining, however, he has found a home as well as friends to rely on. He follows orders to the letter to ensure the safety and success of the team.

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