Taryn Daley

Artist and co-designer for Nami Warriors.

Toronto, Ontario.

About me:
I went to Seneca College for Animation, but left during the fourth semester when I realised that I wasn’t interested in being an animator, and by this time in the course, there was nothing but animation and things that help only animation.
After I left, Mike and I started Nami Warriors. I always wanted to draw a webcomic, and he always wanted me to draw a comic with him.
When I’m not working on Nami Warriors, I’m either drawing other pictures, or playing video games. I’m a huge Zelda nut, and I love the Golden Sun series. I won’t list all the games I’m in to, ‘cause… that’d be a long list.
I also like a few anime. I used to watch all sorts that I don’t really remember now, but I still like FMA, Bleach, and sometimes Naruto. I also like Miyazaki’s movies.
I enjoy watching hockey, despite being a Leafs fan. It’s a love/hate relationship…

Nami Warrior:
Supposedly Tala is based on me. I do have a patient demeanor, and her reactions to Kyue are about the same as my reactions to Mike (i.e. disappointed/annoyed). Also, Mike claims that she has my “cuteness”.

Mike Ogino

Writer and co-designer for Nami Warriors.

Toronto, Ontario. Yes, I’m Canadian, “eh”.

Other than writing Nami Warriors, my main interests focus around video games. I like a wide variety of games though the Final Fantasy series and World of Warcraft are among my favourites. There are so many other great games but I’m not going to list them all here. Just know that I take my gaming very seriously…but not really.
From the anime world, DBZ holds a special place in my heart, though Fullmetal Alchemist just blew my mind. While Bleach and Naruto were great for a while, I doubt anything will ever knock FMA off the pedistal I have it on.
Finally, my guilty pleasure lies with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I’m not even going to go into this one…

Nami Warrior:
While most of the Nami Warriors have a small part of me in them, Kyue has my impulsive/aggressive/suicidal gaming nature. I do not, however, tailor pretty dresses. I’m not being defensive, I would gladly have that talent and I’d wear it on my sleeve, though sadly, I do not.

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